Tailoring Shop Management System Software Source Code

Tailoring shop management system project is paid project download which is developed in PHP & MYSQL..

 Tailoring Shop Management System Software Source Code

Tailoring shop management software source code automates processes for managing different types of transactions. The tailoring shop management system is designed to automate transactions such as managing customer's information, taking customer orders, checking on the progress of the garments, payments and all other transactions that takes place in a tailoring shop. In the conventional method, customers will personally visit tailoring shop if they wish to inquire for tailoring services. Customers' details are taken manually and kept on paper. Customers will need to spend time and effort in acquiring services in a tailoring shop. The manual method is time consuming and costly for both the tailors and customers. Transactions will be slowed down by the Manual system. In order for the tailoring shop to be more efficient, it needs a tool that can speed up and automate processes. For a tailoring business, the tailor management software is very useful. There is also the option of sending emails to customers through the tailor shop management system PHP. This tailor shop management system PHP  also manages the business staff's salary/payroll. This will ensure availability of right information, information safety, easy storage, access and retrieval. Rather than relying on a manual system for tailoring management, the study aims to build a computerized system that is more effective and efficient.

It has long been known that unlearned people dominate the tailoring industry. To book their clients, tailors use traditional manual systems. To get their measurements taken, clients must travel to the tailor shop. Papers or books are used to record these measurements. In terms of security, this method poses a high risk as the information can get lost, unauthorized individuals can easily access the information, and data confidentiality and integrity are not maintained. The system is tedious and there are no proper backups. All these problems can be solved by online tailoring management systems, which automate tailor shops and enhance accessibility regardless of geographic location. By using online tailoring management systems, geographical barriers will be broken and tailors can be accessed quickly and easily. A modern tailor management system PHP will replace the traditional system. As a result, data retrieval, storage, and security will be enhanced. In addition, it is cost-effective since you won't have to travel to get your measurements and check to see if your clothes are ready for collection. Providing they are connected to the internet, clients can access their online tailors at any time and from anywhere. Internet access speed is expected to double as the cost of internet accessing decreases due to advances in telecommunication, such as undersea cabling. In addition to making this tailor made software more convenient to use, it will give it a competitive edge in the market.

The existing system is completely manual, i.e. customers' information is recorded in books, and measurements have to be taken in person at the tailor shop. Additionally, customers visit tailor shops to check on the progress of their garments.  The manual system, as mentioned above, has many problems, such as:  Double entry of customer information.  There is a problem with storing the measurements, since they can easily be lost. The customer can't know whether his dress is ready/finished or not. The data of the customer may be lost. There is a threat about the security.

Customers must walk to tailor shops to get their measurements taken for tailoring their garments. Details about them are taken and kept on paper. It is also necessary for customers to leave their offices to inspect the clothes, whether they are complete. This is a time-consuming and costly process. Manual systems in use slow down the whole process. The customer also does not know the cost of netting their clothes. The customer has to come to the shop every time they need a dress and spend money on transportation.

The study's researchers proposed a tailor made application software to eliminate the difficulties encountered in the manual process and increase transaction speed. A customer can register to make bookings or place orders electronically by logging in to the software for tailoring measurement. The system will provide features for checking for updates without requiring physical presence. Customers' information and orders can easily be managed electronically by the tailoring shop. By implementing the proposed system, the tailoring shop will be able to simplify transactions and increase its efficiency.

The online custom tailoring software will manage customer orders, customer information, payments, shop income, and other transactions. The online custom tailoring software will make it easier for them to keep track of their transactions. By using the system, they will be able to meet the needs of their customers more easily. With the best tailoring measurement software, they will be able to manage customer bookings more efficiently. The best tailoring measurement software will help them conveniently inquire tailor services without needing to personally visit a tailoring shop. The success of the tailoring management system project in PHP will contribute to their knowledge and skills program developers.

The following are the objectives of tailor shop management system software:

1)Tailor made application software automates manual tailoring and maintains a searchable database of customers and products, as well as maintaining data security and user rights. 

2)Custom tailoring software allows customers to send their measurements to their tailors. 

3) Software for tailoring business provides information about the cost, the fabric type, the urgency with which the customer wants the dress finished, the type of material, and the number of pairs required.

4)Software for tailoring business provides the customer with the total cost based on the fabric, type of material, quantity, and duration selected. 

5)The client can receive a report of finished garments for collection, and the administrator can view all clients, finished garments, and bookings. 

In order to make it easier to access or retrieve customer information, orders placed, and users registered on the system, we will create a data bank.

A tailoring shop management system automates the management of transaction records in the shop. The tailor shop management system PHP will help in providing accurate and secure record management. Advantages of the Tailoring shop management system are the following:

*A fully automated business process - managing records, processing payments, and retrieving records is much easier to manage.

*A records management system — tailoring shop management system is an electronic database system that makes records secure, accurate, reliable, and fast.

*Automatic report generation — tailor-made application software that generates reports on payments and income automatically, allowing you to track your financial status in real-time.

Tailoring shop management system software will simplify the work of clients by allowing them to send measurements online, thus cutting down on transportation costs. Communication between the tailor and the client will be easier, as well as access. Information about cost, fabric type, urgency, type of material to be used, number of pairs needed, and most importantly, the tailor shop management system PHP computes the total cost and provides it to the customer. The implementation of this tailor shop management system PHP will therefore be more beneficial.

This Tailoring shop management system software source code has features like: Dashboard, Client, Brand, Categories, Services/Products, Invoices, Reports, Setting and Know More etc.

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Tailoring Shop Management System Software Source Code
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
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