Online Art Gallery Management System Using PHP & MySQL With Source Code

This is an online art gallery project in php free download for final year project with source code.

Online Art Gallery Management System Using PHP & MySQL With Source Code

This is an introduction to the art gallery management system. Art Gallery gallery management project is web-based application software and it is extremely useful for the craftsmanship darlings and others moreover. Online Art gallery presents to you a chance to see an online art show at an online art exhibition. It brings you subtleties of all art presentations held previously and the impending show. The online art display is refreshed day by day, so the client can see the most recent assortment of contemporary art online from any place on the planet. Clients can likewise enroll on the web and they can peruse fine arts, which are organized in various classifications deductively. every client has the privilege to buy a fine art utilizing the incorporated installment door.  There might be art gallery inventory software similar to this computer project. 

The online art gallery software has been created to abrogate the issues that were present in the manual framework. This framework is upheld to wipe out and in some cases lessen the difficulties looked at by the current framework. Also, this framework is intended for the specific need of the organization to complete tasks in a smooth and powerful way. There are various ideas for final year projects for computer engineering.  Or mini projects for CSE like this art gallery project. 

 The reason for the online art gallery management framework is to computerize the current manual framework. Each association, regardless of whether enormous or little has difficulties surviving and dealing with the data of Orders, Arts, Customer, Art Gallery, and so on.  Each art exhibition has distinctive art needs. Students can think about developing this type of art gallery management system in PHP as a final year project for CSE. One can check the art gallery software reviews on the internet.  Some individuals may directly go for an online art gallery project report download to have the information. They can also take the help of this art gallery management database project synopsis. 

The admin panel of this system has different functionalities like view booking details, view payment details, add arts, modify arts, modify customers, manage feedbacks, Add exhibitions and events. All these features perform well as per the need. In the view booking details section, all the bookings will be displayed with all the required details. This section saves the booking information. In the payment details section, information related to order payments is stored and can be accessed whenever needed. In the add arts section, Art can be registered that will be seen on the website and can be browsed by the customers. To change or update the art, another section that is modified art section is provided. It helps to modify or update the arts. In the modify customers section, customer's information can be saved and managed.  The administrator also has the access to manage the feedbacks that are received. And most importantly, to present exhibitions and events, there is a module named Add exhibition & events. This module helps to add exhibition information or event information. These added exhibitions and events information then will be presented to the customers on the website. In short, this admin panel or the administrator has the access to handle the overall activities. 

In the customer panel customer will be able to log in with his credentials. Then the customer can perform activities in the customer panel.  The customer will be able to see the payment details. And again most importantly, customers will be able to see events and exhibitions in the view exhibition & events module. This online art gallery management system synopsis can help the one who is thinking about developing a system like this.  There are multiple innovative project ideas for computer science students. Students may directly search for art gallery management database project source code. There are a variety of major projects for CSE. This could be an interesting project for CSE final year. And for more knowledge take reference of art gallery management system full project report. 

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Online Art Gallery Management System Using PHP & MySQL With Source Code
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
Sign in with Login Details


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