Matrimonial Management System Project

Matrimonial management system project is free project download which is developed in php and mysql..

Matrimonial Management System Project

Matrimonial management system project

Matrimonial Management System Project’s main aim is to provide Grooms and Brides with an excellent matchmaking experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to find a true potential partner. The Matrimonial System created an online matchmaking service focused on meeting this objective that will touch millions of hearts all over the world.

A matrimonial management system project involves the registration of various types of communities. User-friendly features are the most salient features of the project.

There are many profiles to choose from and you are not limited to the people you know. It is literally possible to shortlist the best matches based on education, religion, caste, salary, location, hobbies, personality, and even looks. In a similar way, you can post your profile and allow others to contact you. You can even include or exclude people with special circumstances, such as those with disabilities, divorced or widowed. There are millions of profiles online, so finding a match online is undoubtedly "The Choice".Even if you took out a matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper, you would be limited to the geographical area where that newspaper is sold.

You can upload your profile online for a few hundred rupees as a paid service, and you always have the option of doing it for free. Therefore, people can upload their requirements in free or in paid version.

Matrimonial Web Applications serve the following purposes:

The main purpose of matrimonial management system application is to promote matchmaking business by applying the information in the field.

Providing the user with profiles of potential "Brides” and "Grooms" as well as other information related to them online helps the user to find a perfect match. Users can find information about their dream life partner at their own convenience.

The key objective of the application is to automate the existing manual method of managing data to systematic data storage, which can be searched as and when required. This application aims to store all information digitally, so searches will be easier, and the data will be secured

The matrimonial management system software will allow users to register and, after successfully registering, they will receive an email confirmation. Their profiles will become publicly available after their registration has been completed.

A matrimonial project using PHP has features including a front-end, a member login, and an admin panel. The PHP scripting language is an open source scripting language used extensively for web programming.

Front End:

 Login, Registration, Blog, Terms and Conditions, Services,FAQ ect. are displayed at the front-end. One can register here using the terms and conditions and get an account to search for a life partner. Logging into the site allows one to continue his/her search .

Member Login:

It has sections like My Profile, Messages, Notifications, Password change option and profile delete option. Members can update their profile here by adding photos, interests, likes, and hobbies for the purpose of matching.

Additionally, they can add their expectations of the groom or bride. One can communicate with each other via messages for more details.


The web site admin can handle members, payments, and appearance of members on the Admin page. Logging into the admin page, the admin can view the details of the users, modify the details and preferences, block or unblock the users to maintain security.

Future scope of online matrimonial system project is to provide a platform to a lot of Bride/Groom for finding perfect matches. There are different sectors such as Registration, Partner, Search, etc. In such a way the bride/groom will get their attention for finding their partner. The Bride/Groom can directly search for a Partner according to the criteria they require. The Bride/Groom can use the match by email capability so they will receive an Email alert when a match fulfills their criteria.

Since India is a vast country, we have many religions, and each religion is further divided into caste, which is further divided into subcaste, etc., so this kind of application would be helpful for each group.

Through this application, users can also narrow their search for partners to those who meet a certain set of criteria for online marriage. Using the Internet as a pivot for modern business, our project, based on the internet, creates a pathway for modernizing trade.

Most people used to hesitate sending photos of arranged marriage proposals, and even when they did, there was always a problem with the Here, you can just shortlist the profiles with photos only

Matrimonial Web Application is aimed at providing Grooms and Brides with an extraordinary matchmaking experience by providing resources and opportunities for meeting a true potential partner. It provides users with a quick tour feature. This site provides users with an overview of how to commit on the website. Marriage Web applications provide the facility to change preference about partners. The user can edit his profile, update his picture, delete his picture, hide his profile, create an album, send a personal message etc.

PHP is used to develop a matrimonial management system. This is an open source project. Generally, an open source program is one whose source code can be used or modified by developers or users. Software that is open source is usually designed for collaborative collaboration and is freely accessible.

An online matrimonial management system uses a web interface. Different users have access to public information about other users.

Free php scripts for matrimonial websites are available.

PHP and MySQL together make the best data-driven websites.

Therefore, we use this combination for the matrimonial management system project. In addition to PHP and MySQL, CSS and JS are also used in matrimonial projects. CSS is used to create creative and attractive layouts or templates. JS is a programming language common to web browsers and stands for JavaScript.

MySQL is a database that is widely used for accessing, querying, and managing databases. Using MySQL, we store and retrieve information like usernames, payment information, photos, interests, hobbies, and qualifications in matrimonial system project.

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Matrimonial Management System Project
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
Sign in with Login Details


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