Online Tours And Travels Management System Project In Php And Mysql

This is Project: Complete Online Tourism Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code.

Online Tours And Travels Management System Project In Php And Mysql

Tours and travel the board framework is an electronic application. The principle motivation behind this PHP travel agency booking system is to give a convenient path to a client to book package of the visit. The goal of this venture is to build up a framework that mechanizes the cycle and descriptor of travel service. It is tedious for a client to plan a particular travel and have it executed appropriately. The task  travel and tourism management system project is created to supplant the presently existing framework, which helps in tracking the client details, destination as well as payment got. A large portion of individuals in this world like to travel from one spot then onto the next. furthermore, which makes travel service organizations grow faster. This kind of travel agency database project  will be valuable for travel services to deal with every one of their insights about the visits and travel without breaking a sweat. This will be one of the intriguing undertaking that one can work on and execute progressively world. Student can think about html project on travel and tourism for their final year. Students that know how to make php project, can go for this kind of travel PHP project. The framework permits one to handily get to the relevant data and make vital travel arrangements. with the help of some guideline one can develop online tourism management system project in php source code.  

Variety of modules or features present in this tourism management system project in php are traveler management, booking management, package management, tax management, expense management, finance, payment types, currency, and reports. All the modules are designed well to serve their purposes. In the travelers module, administrator will have the access to add traveler's or customer's details. These details can later be edited by the admin in case of such requirement. Next important thing is to have  package information . In the package management section, admin can register package details that packages are available for customer and they can book a package of travelling. This package had price as per adult price and per children price. 

Next important section is bookings management. In booking management section admin can select traveler from the registered ones, then select package from the registered ones and have to enter count of adults and children that are going to travel, along with the dates of travelling. And according to this information total amount to be paid gets calculated with the help of automated calculations. Then customer pay advance amount in this booking form itself. Customer can have this booking information in the form of invoice PDF, which can be downloaded or printed. 

In the tax management feature, admin can save different taxes and which can be applied at the time of bookings. Expense management is also a crucial job for a business handler. so to make it easy, expense management function is given that allows to register expense categories and to add expense records under these categories. 

Another and one of the most important section is finance. This travel management system project in php has designed this finance section to manage the payments of the bookings. This permits to add payment amount and keeps records of paid and remaining amount. currency module is for saving different currency types. Similar to currency there is payment type management, in which  different payment types can be registered and at the time of adding payment, one of these registered payment types, like cash, card, cheque, etc. can be selected to keep record of payment made through which type. 

Another important functionality that a business should have is reports management. This system has reports section that gives different types of reports like income report, expense report and bookings reports. These reports are very helpful to keep track of income, expense and bookings that are registered. Some of the appearance settings of this project are managed in this system itself. Settings module is provided to serve the purpose. 

Dashboard of this travel agency management system gives short information about the data present in the system. Like total count of packages, count of travelers and bookings. Also current month expenses and current month bookings are given on dashboard. All these valuable features makes this system a helpful solution for travel agency business. Along with all these section some basic features like edit, delete, search are provided in all the modules. One can easily implement tours and travels management system project in php and mysql with the help of some research.   There might be availability of html project on tourism with source code.  People may also search for travel agency project in php free download 

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Online Tours And Travels Management System Project In Php And Mysql
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
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