Online Mosque Management System Project In PHP

Online Mosque management system project is paid project download which is developed in PHP and MYSQL.

Online Mosque Management System Project In PHP

The Online mosque management system project in PHP showed the importance of handling tasks within a mosque effectively. In recent years, the importance of a mosque in our daily lives has continued to increase as the years have passed. In the past, mosques have been mainly used for religious gatherings, such as prayer, discussions about religious topics, and getting married, which are all related to Islam. But nowadays, mosques are becoming more and more popular, as technology is becoming more advanced. The mosque needs a good mosque management software to manage the funds it receives from other people in order to boost its growth and thus enable it to support the activities of the mosque. Masjid management software can help to organize the activities of mosques to be more organized and sufficient by providing a good management system. If the mosque has a good  masjid management system, the community can view all the activities that will be done by the mosque just by clicking the website of the mosque. The mosque will receive more visitors due to these events, and Islamic culture will be introduced to a larger audience. In the mosques a lot of work is performed using the manual method, and this facilitates the process of carrying out the work that is required. This Mosque management system project can easily focus on how all these types of work can be easily handled through the mosque management system to ease the management process. Using the mosque management system, all details of the mosque management are easier to handle. Moreover, it emphasizes how the work at the mosques can be easily automated with the use of the software application. The aim of this Mosque management system project is to demonstrate how the mosque management system can help to manage the work in a simple and reliable way. It is possible to understand very easily through this Mosque management system project  both the benefits and the downsides of implementing the mosque management system. The people can easily learn about the details one registers through the specific mosque because they can easily rely on it.

A few of the works include the membership details, the issue of marriage certificates, reports on the income received, rent collection, etc. Using the management information system of the mosque, all these details can be managed by the mosque. Additionally, the Mosque management system project can make a point of studying how an application can be easily managed. The masjid management system in PHP will also give insight on how to manage the application by utilizing the features included in the system. The mosque management and donation forecasting system is designed to make it easier for staff of the mosque to manage the mosque and donations received. This mosque management and donation forecasting system enables users to view activities that will be organized by the mosque prior to an event. As well, the system can help staff predict the amount of donations they may receive in the future by analyzing donation data from previous months. With the spiral method used in this mosque management and donation forecasting system, the development of the system will happen smoothly and to plan. According to this system, the users will find this system very easy to use and user friendly, which is a great result. As well as being very easy to use, the system will run seamlessly without any problems.

Mosques and masjids were traditionally managed manually in the early days. In order to record and retrieve information, it took a lot of time and effort. For those in charge, taking down the details must be a very meticulous task. The effects of even the smallest mistake could be extremely detrimental. There is very little protection for the information. It is extremely difficult to generate reports on all the information.  A very complicated task is to maintain the mosque catalogue and organize any type of event. Furthermore, it is very time-consuming to maintain member information, in/out times, and other details manually.  In order to properly maintain a mosque or masjid, all operations must be executed flawlessly without any degradation that could cause the system to fail. 

There is always a difference in the amount of donations made by civilians every month. In order for the community to have the ability to properly plan their activities based on the donations they receive, this type of information is essential. Using the record of donations they receive monthly, they will need a method to predict the amount of donations they will receive so there will be no confusion or waste when they plan their finances and activities. It is possible for users to miss any activity announcement that is usually posted via 'WhatsApp' or on posters that are posted in the hallway. Through the mosque management system, users can view events that will take place months in advance or at any time. In preparation of a monthly financial report about donations, the staff must manually prepare a monthly financial report. Considering that the staff has to complete a monthly report manually every month, it is possible that there might be a miscalculation in calculating the donation received. In the event of using this system, the report will automatically be generated and the risk of miscalculation is greatly reduced.

According to the proposed system, it is aimed at analyzing the ways in which mosques are managed. The proposed system has been developed to study the relationship between management practices, strategic management, and performance improvements of mosques. The improvement of mosques is heavily influenced by differences in management practices, strategic management, and mosque improvement initiatives.

The Mosque management system is a leading web-based solution for mosques to manage their affairs based on the needs of small and midsize mosques in India. Users can access member details, track donations and income reports, build reports and more through an interactive interface. The mosque can then keep track of the contributions made by guests and regular members. The functionality enables users to track the contributions of donors and generate giving reports based on a donor's giving history. Each component of the system is completely customizable. 

The main objective of the Mosque management system project in PHP is to develop masjid management software that will maintain all records of the Mosque management, such as membership details, monthly payments, rental payments, issuing marriage certificates, maintaining records of unmarried members and reporting income collected. The proposed system aims to reduce the manual calculations to be performed and also to save time when trying to search records. The following are the specific objectives of the system:

1) Develop the user interface, the database, and the solution flow for the Mosque Management and Donations Forecasting System.

2) The development of a mosque management and donation forecasting system that will be used to manage the events and to forecast the donations to be received.

3) The purpose of the study was to establish that the mosque management system has the potential and capability to carry out its duties.

The following are some of the advantages of the Online Mosque Management System:

* Mosque management software reduces the amount of time that has to be spent on completing a given task.

* The Masjid management system is extremely efficient and effective at what it does.

 *This web based mosque management system will reduce the need for manual work, calculations, provide periodic reports, and reduce the time spent on administrative work.

Using the mosque management system, a suitable approach can be implemented, which is the Weighted Moving Average Method. The mosque can avoid exceeding expenditures by using this mosque management system, which calculates donations automatically for the next month. The purpose of this system is to help overcome the problems that have arisen in order to make a new forecast. It is important to select the correct and suitable technique so that the system is successfully implemented and the objective is achieved. A weighted moving average was used to analyze the donations, which provided accurate forecasts. The results of the research study indicate that the Weighted Moving Average Method is the most suitable for the Mosque management and donation forecasting system.

This Online Mosque management system project in PHP has features like: Dashboard, Services, Events, Asset, Expense and Members etc.

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Online Mosque Management System Project In PHP
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
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