Police Station Record Management System

Police station record management system is paid project download which is developed in PHP & MYSQL..

Police Station Record Management System

Police station record management system is a project that is designed with the aim of maintaining all the records and details related to a police station in order to increase efficiency. As a result of making it easier to manage and administer a police station, this record management system makes the management and administration of a police station easier and more effective. Every country has always placed the safety and protection of human rights at the top of its priorities, since without them no country can exist. It is the responsibility of every country's government to protect the freedom and rights of all human beings with no discrimination so that every individual can lead his life with his own choice without violating the rules and regulations set by the government of that country. Although it is the government responsibility to safeguard human rights but to take care of human rights was not convenient for the government. So in order to fulfil this task, the government formed a special platform for that purpose known as the Police Station. Due to the fact that all the information of the Police Station is stored in a database, the police station management system will be able to reduce the workload of the Police Station staff as a result of saving the information of the Police Station in a database. In this way, the police station record management system will be able to keep the records as effectively as possible, and the manual effort will be reduced very much. The purpose of the crime management system project in PHP is to computerize the existing system and to make the process more efficient. In an existing system, all the work had to be done manually, which involved a lot of drafting and paperwork, and the work had to be done in a timely manner. An exclusive police station project based on PHP source code has been developed for the management of crime files. In short, it will help to save a great deal of time and manpower as well as ensure that the activities will run smoothly and that there will be a minimum amount of errors and delays along the way.

Currently, the existing system is considered to be a manual paper processing system. There is a great deal of paperwork involved in all of the work that has to be done. Paperwork is one of the old fashioned methods that are still used today. A paper document can easily be damaged or lost, which can lead to the loss of important data. In addition to this, it is also very expensive to maintain or buy a file in order to store records as well as to store records in them. Because the FIR and Case Records are prepared manually, it is possible that there may be errors in the preparation of these documents, so calculations may not be as accurate as they should be, since they are prepared manually. There are a number of different types of information that are handled manually, such as Policemen's Allowance, Criminal Records, Case Records, etc. As long as there is a need to retrieve details, then searching is an unavoidable necessity. The task of searching is, however, very difficult when it comes to manually searching the records. This can also take a lot of time if we want to retrieve details according to some specific conditions that we want to meet. There are several limitations with the existing system, one of which is the ability to generate reports. The solution to these problems can be found by introducing a new system that will solve these problems. 


There are several problems that are associated with every system. The Police Station Management system is also a manual process that has some problems that need to be addressed. Currently, there is a manual system in place that is inherently inefficient. All of the necessary information is printed on printed sheets. As far as the existing system is concerned, it is inefficient since all the data manipulations have to be done manually, which is inefficient. Time is taken up by a considerable amount of paperwork involved in this process. It is also possible for errors to occur at the same time as well. In the case of manual work, there is a considerable delay as a result. It is therefore necessary to automate manual systems in order to improve their efficiency.

In the current system, there are many limitations. It is designed to be able to eliminate all disadvantages that exist in the current system in order to replace it with a better crime file management system project in PHP with source code that eliminates them all. As a result of using the proposed system, there will be a reduction in the amount of manpower effort, the amount of paper that is wasted, etc. The crime reporting system project is very efficient and it saves a lot of time at the same time. As far as the user interfaces are concerned, there are a great number of added features which make the crime record management system project more efficient compared to other systems. The modular structure of the online crime management system project will make data transfer easy, giving the user a high level of control over the system. There is no doubt that the proposed system will be more appropriate and genuine as it will not contain any errors and by utilizing this police station management system. As compared to the existing system, the proposed system overcomes all the hurdles that it faces. In addition to being fully computerized, the proposed system is also user-friendly. The online crime management system project in php simplifies the process of storing data and creating reports. The police station record management system is user-friendly, has a large database, is easy to search, can handle updates, is faster, has a graphical interface, can generate reports with a few clicks, and is secure.

The proper maintenance of Police Station records is essential to the smooth functioning of a Police Station. In order to prevent and detect crime, and to track the movements of criminals, these records are of immense help in preventing and detecting crime. There is a need for police leaders to become aware of the significance of the police group to its members, as well as the characteristics of the police group, such as its strong sense of solidarity. It is important for police leadership to be effective so that officers feel a sense of belonging to the group as well as the leader, encouraging that sense of belonging that leads to a good performance from the officers.

A major purpose of this police station record management system is to automate the functions involved in the management of a police station by utilizing computer technology. Here, the effort is put forward to convert the current data management system of the police station into a computerized system, so that a faster, more secure, error-free and more efficient computer system can be implemented, so that the police station's data can be managed better. Identifying the problem and collecting details of the problem are the first steps. The process involves gathering information about the existing system's problems, determining how the problem should be solved, and determining the cost estimates and implementation specifications of the police station management system. A new computerized system will be implemented to replace the existing manual system that is currently in use. An online crime management system developed in PHP should provide better performance and make it easier to find information. Reducing the delay can make the data receiving process more efficient. This police station record management system project aims to provide proper security so that unauthorized access can be prevented by the proposed system, which is the main objective of this project.

Police station record management systems have the following advantages:

*Find information quickly and efficiently- With a police record management system, law enforcement officials can access information compiled by state and federal agencies quickly and efficiently.

*Data can be accessed from any location at any time- With police crime record management system project law enforcement officials can obtain information while in and out of the office

* Collaborate with other law enforcement officers- Criminal activity often crosses state lines or operates outside of a particular jurisdiction. The police need access to interagency law enforcement data to gather information at the county, state, and federal levels.

*Focus on important police work instead of focusing on technology- The online crime management system simplifies this process.

There is no doubt that computer technology has become an essential part of our daily lives in this new world. There are almost no fields in which the use of computers has not simplified procedures. As a result of this police station record management system project, almost all of the facilities for entering the details in the Police Station, which are currently performed manually, have been provided. The facilities include the insertion of case details into the database, along with other necessary details that will be used by the authorities like Policemen details, Prisoner details, Complaint details, Allowance details, FIR details, etc. Furthermore, the crime reporting system project provides a platform that can be used for performing various edit operations as well as search operations. It is anticipated that the implementation of this police station management system project in PHP will improve the working environment and can lead to a reduction in the amount of manpower needed. As a result of the implementation of this police station management system the police stations will be able to operate more efficiently.

This  Police station record management system project has features like: Dashboard, Police station, Crime type, Police staff, FIR module, Cases, Crime charge sheet, Evidence collection, Police squad, Release, Rule, Passport verification, Expenses category, Assets category, Assets, Complaints and Fine payment list etc.

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Police Station Record Management System
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
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