Complaint Management System PHP

Complaint management system PHP project is paid project download which is developed in PHP and MYSQL.

Complaint Management System PHP

A complaint management system PHP is a system that is used to file complaints in an automated manner. By contrast, the existing system requires the complaint to be written on the page and submitted to the higher authority. In this role the user can directly initiate a new complaint. If the user logs on to a complaint management system project in PHP source code, it is possible for him to see its status. Additionally, he can be given the option to delete the complaint. As well as this, he can update the complaint as needed. The status will be updated and a mail will be sent to the user once the complaint has been resolved. By visiting the website, a user can see how their complaint is progressing. Using the Internet eliminates the need for citizens to visit government offices in person, as they can interact with the government at any time and from anywhere. The government has launched an e-service portal as a way to improve public services to citizens, residents, and businesses while bringing its institutions closer to stakeholders. It provides users with the opportunity to give feedback for future improvements. Mobile government is one emerging way citizens can interact with the government. This is a natural extension of e-Government, and one area of m-government that is promising is complaint and problem management, in which citizens can use mobile applications to express their dissatisfaction with government procedures and services. Because complaints represent the citizens' voice, they provide critical information about the organization and its service, and this information can aid the improvement of the organization. Additionally, due to the increasing acceptance and popularity of smartphones worldwide, the number of smartphone users in the country is expected to grow. The use of mobile devices for Internet access and the demand for mobile services and internet access continues to grow exponentially. By providing citizens with real-time information, a mobile complaint management system can thus increase citizens' participation and interaction with government officials. Therefore, the online complaint management system project aims to design and implement a PHP gurukul complaint management system. There is a need to computerize the manual system in order to manage complaints effectively. The vision of the online complaint management system project in PHP download is to solve the problem of complaints complexity by providing mobile based services to customers, anywhere and anytime. Customers can submit complaints using their smartphones, desktops, or laptops. They also receive decisions within a short timeframe. One of the steps in the development of the complaint management system using PHP and MYSQL includes developing an application system for implementing the process. As of now, complaints are sent to grievance officers in paper form. Currently, the grievance system does not have a computerized complaint system, and complaints are submitted in paper form. Admins and employees spend much time on their own activities since all information is transferred manually by paper-based methods, it is hard to register new customers, customers must physically come into the office to get service, and it is difficult to keep complaint data. In Online complaint management system project in PHP documentation the user should use much time to face his complaint to the grievance handling officers. So complaint management system project in PHP consumes time and money. Employees spend much time doing their own work because it is difficult for the employee to work on their own because all information has to be transferred manually by paper-based way and it is difficult to register new customer, customer must physically appear in and get service, it is hard to manage compliance office to explain his issue because of the unavailability of mobile based application systems .There is no way to give quick responses to real-time complaints related to users with the current system. Grievance handling officers decide the decision by wasting much time and wasting high labor force. Also customers cannot get quick decisions. The current system of registering complaints takes a long time and is inconvenient for the complainant. Those who wish to register a complaint must visit one of the offices at the relevant office in person. Due to this constraint, those who are unable to attend one of the offices have no other option for reporting a problem. People who are afraid to report because they fear they might be wronged do not have any other option. There are also problems with officers who collect complaints from the public. By doing something that does not provide a solution to the problem, they "waste" their time. The complaints department verifies the complaint form, forwards it to the relevant department, tracks the complaint's progress, and informs the complainant of the outcome. A lot of time is wasted in this process. In addition, there is no accountability form of the application system that is used to help customers to process their complaint from everywhere and every time with their mobile devices. Thus it becomes necessary for users to have a desktop or laptop in order to access the system and make a complaint. The current system faces many problems because it relies on manual work. • Reduction and/or avoidance of costs • Efficiencies in reducing errors • A greater degree of flexibility • Activities should be performed at a faster pace • Planned and controlled management improvements. • Material consumption is reduced • Information that is more timely • Decisions are made more quickly • Morale among employees can be improved • Accuracy should be improved The proposed system does not conflict with legal requirements, the government/ company. It meets the rules and regulations of the organization or the university or it is not in conflict with each other. It is expected that complaint management system PHP project will be easy to use as users can browse their complaints at any time, and both staff and management can respond to the complaints more efficiently. Streamlining the compliance process to make it easier. The use of a smartphone allows anyone to send a complaint from anywhere at any time. Decrease the amount of paperwork. Promoting good governance and preventing corruption. Customers can provide feedback without fear .To reduce the unwanted communication from customers. Time is effectively used by customers. Customer and student satisfaction is our top priority. The generation of reports allows for quicker decision making. Ensures the employees are satisfied with their jobs. · Review the related complaint management system PHP source code and to design an integrated management system that is compliant. · This section of the paper will provide an analysis of the most common types of compliance. · The organization and creation of suitable conditions for public complaints. · Languages such as English and Amharic should be supported by the complaint management system project in PHP download. · Based on the specified requirements, implement and test complaint management system project in PHP download. · In order to develop good security measures for grievances handled by the user and the grievance office. · Develop a functional and nonfunctional requirement list for the new system. · It is important to identify the problems with the current system in order to resolve them. · It is necessary to improve the current system for reporting complaints. · Accurate, reliable, and timely information that is readily available. Customers are at the heart of the company's culture. As a result, operating costs are kept at a minimum. By reducing the cost of winning new customers and increasing customer loyalty . There is a reduction in the damage that is caused to the brand. This improves the customer experience and increases sales and profitability. The complaint management system PHP is for resolving individual complaints and identifying opportunities for systemic improvements. Public organizations should expect to receive complaints from the public. Generally, the community expects government organizations to be customer-focused and responsive to complaints. This Complaint management system PHO has features like: Dashboard, Sub-admin, Manage Complaint, Manage Users, Add Category, Add Sub-category, Add State, User Login log, Reports and Logout.

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Complaint Management System PHP
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
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