Online Cake Shop Project In Php With Source Code Download

Online cake shop project in php with source code download is paid project..

Online Cake Shop Project In Php With Source Code Download

An online cake shop project in PHP allows users to search for and purchase a variety of bakery products. In order to achieve the objectives of the project, bakery products are displayed in different categories. Users can add products to their shopping cart if they like them. Before a user can checkout, he must register on the website. The next time he logs in, he can use the same ID and password. Alternatively, he can pay with a credit card or cash on delivery. An email receipt is sent to the user's email address after he makes a successful transaction. As a result, the online cake shop project in PHP brings a bakery shop online and makes it easy for both buyers and sellers. A cake ordering system that allows users to check for and purchase various cakes at an online store. This list of items can be browsed through by the user according to the categories that they fall under. It is possible for a user to add a product to his shopping cart if he or she likes the product. In fact, he may even pay through a credit card or cash on delivery if he prefers. Upon completing a successful transaction, the user receives a copy of the shopping receipt via email. Furthermore, users can order custom cakes according to their preferences, such as flavor, size, shape, etc. In this way, the online cake shopping project allows both buyers and sellers to buy and sell cakes online. Online bakery shop allows users to shop for and purchase various bakery products. A list of bakery products is displayed in various categories in the project. These items may be browsed according to categories. Both business owners and customers can benefit from the online cake ordering system. Small businesses can benefit greatly from this online cake ordering system if they want their business to be known online. There are two sides to the bakery ordering system: the user/customer side and the admin side. To log into the online bakery shop system project in PHP, he must register on the User/customer side. After that, the customers can now easily browse a wide range of available pastries, cakes and breads. Once the customer places his order, an SMS notification will be sent to the owner. Aside from managing orders, products, and categories, he also manages all the admin tasks. Business owners can save time, effort, and money by using an online cake ordering system project.

It is possible to sell cakes in a shop using a manual system. In the existing system shopkeepers physically search where cake is required and needs cake and  which are unavailable in the shop. Cake quality is physically checked by the customer. There is no record of maintaining user records and poor searching facilities. Benefits are not counted. Customers in other countries are not covered. The existing system does not maintain details with proper security and cannot track them easily. Customers are unable to check their profiles properly, resulting in dissatisfaction. Does not allow loan forms to be downloaded. The existing system does not support fast retrieval of information. The user interface is not user-friendly. Finding customers used to take longer due to extra manual efforts, such as hiring candidates. Impossibility of generating different reports according to business needs.

There is a limited amount of experience in running a bakery. A lack of experience in the areas of production, ordering, inventory management, and inventory control. Expenses associated with cleaning equipment nightly to remove contaminants from it. There are young and sometimes unpredictable staff members at the restaurant. Customers are confused about whether the product is wheat free or gluten free. There are too many spreadsheets. There are so many spreadsheets to keep track of. There is nothing more frustrating than having to calculate inventory and production needs manually. It can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating. Orders for custom cakes are incorrect/missing. There is no advanced ordering system. There is a clunky point of sale system. There are a lot of labor costs involved in the process.

Payment transactions can be performed online under security. In a specified period of time, customers can order cakes online. It is possible for administrators to add new products and their details. All database information can be updated by administrators. Product and customer information can be dynamically maintained by administrators.  Sales and payment transactions are analyzed by the administrator on a daily basis. Online orders can be dynamically accepted and delivery schedules can be managed by administrators. 

1)  In order for the cake shop to conduct all transactions online, it needs a web server.

2)  Shopkeepers in the manual system do not maintain customer records, but it is necessary to maintain customer records in the web base.

3)  It is essential to have a web-based system for customers who bargain on purchases in order to avoid it.

4)  To reduce the time it takes for the customer and the shopkeeper to complete the transaction.

5)  It is important to keep records about cakes.

6)  Announcing the new release of the cake and providing information about it.

7)  It is mandatory that all transactions be completed through online payment methods.

This online bakery shop system PHP source code  aims to provide customers with online cake booking within a specified timeframe. The online bakery shop system project in PHP allows customers to choose the type of cake they want. Customers may place orders for cake items on that particular website, which is why they register. It is easy to search for different types of cakes using an online cake booking system. The goal is to create a showcase item that is attractive. Compared to other existing systems, this system provides more flexibility to the user. Online payment confirmation and order confirmation. The website is easy to use and allows you to place your order online. Clients are able to place an order online from anywhere in the area, whenever they want. The online cake ordering system will be computerized, resulting in less paperwork and saving money and time. Additionally, it will reveal the bakery to the outside world. The situation will be win-win for everyone.

Here are some advantages of an Online cake shop project in PHP:

*A process has been automated in order to improve the efficiency of online bakery sales in order to streamline the sales process as much as possible.

*In order to provide payment services to cake shops, the company accepts credit cards as a way of accepting payments.

*The email address provided will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of the payment.

As part of the cake shop billing system, a bill is generated whenever a customer orders an item from the cake shop. This system has the capability of generating bills and only the authorized users are allowed to log into the cake ordering system and view the details of the customers and items that they have bought. The application provides the ability to create a customer record, to create a record of items, as well as to create a record of details. It also calculates the amount automatically and generates a bill. The cake ordering system also provides automation of the entire system, improves the efficiency of the system, provides a friendly user interface which proves to be significantly better when compared with the existing system, and makes updating of the information that much easier. In the future if necessary, the cake ordering system project report has adequate scope for modification in case it needs to be modified in the future.

This Online cake shop project in PHP has features like: Dashboard, Cake category, cake package, Orders, Customers, Reports, Search order and Page etc.

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Software Requirement
Sublime OR Notepad++

How to Run / Execute Online Cake Shop Project In Php With Source Code Download
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system.
2. copy folder Put this folder inside xampp/htdocs/ .
3. Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create a Database.
Import database
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/foldername/”
Sign in with Login Details


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